Bittersweet Doodles

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Welcome to 

Bittersweet Doodles!

         We are located in the rolling hills of central western New Hampshire in Newport.  We are husband and wife team Sonny and Pat Heino. We reside on our 100-acre farm along with our dogs, Irish Dexter cattle and Haflinger horses and all of our doodles!  Our dogs reside in our home with us. 

          We have been raising Doodles for many years and absolutely love them!  We do our best to produce happy, healthy well-socialized puppies for family pets, companions and service dogs. Our dogs range from 40 to 65+ lbs. depending on the size of the parents.  The majority of our puppies are Goldendoodles, but we also offer some variety with our F1-B medium size English Doodles and Labradoodles.

          All of our parent dogs have undergone complete genetic testing to insure that you are getting the healthiest puppy possible.  We also offer an one year health warranty. 

           Bittersweet Doodles has been chosen as one of the top four breeders in the State of New Hampshire by, an independent third party review.  See the article  “Goldendoodle Puppies in New Hampshire (2023) – Top 4 Breeders!”  Be sure to check out "We Love Doodles"  blog post for lots of doodle information! 

"If you don't believe dogs have souls, you haven't looked

 into their eyes long enough"

"Lucky are those that have a loving dog waiting for them

 to come home each day..."