Bittersweet Doodles

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What is an English Doodle?

The English Doodle is a combination of the English Setter and the Poodle.  English Setters are known to be extremely gentle family dogs with beautiful hair colors that come in tri-coloring, red and white or black and white, just like Goldendoodles.  English Setters have very few genetic health conditions, which is unusual within most purebred dogs.  By crossing an English setter with a Poodle, the English Doodle has an exception ally well balanced temperament.  They are devoted companions who shed very minimally with moderate energy levels and mellow temperament. A specific breeding strain within English Setters is the Llewellin line, who are known for their keen intelligence, calmer temperament and preference to stay close to their owner.   Our English Doodle mothers are from Llewellin lines.    The expected life span of an English Doodle can range from 10 to 14 year. 


English Doodles are kind and playful dogs who enjoy being with people the most.  They have a calm personality and prefer staying close to the family.  When outside, however, the English Doodle is playful and energetic.  They are very athletic and love taking walks, hiking and swimming.  They are very intelligent dogs who learn quickly and respond well to obedience training.  Poodles are listed among the most intelligent dog breeds,  while English Setters are listed as one of the most gentle family companions you can own.  Thus,  English Doodles have a strong potential to be trained for either service or therapy work.

Hair and Grooming

F1-B English Doodle's hair will range from wavy to curly.  Because they are a hybrid, it all depends how the genes match up.  Most English Doodles are very low shedding dogs. They do require regular brushing to reduce matting, and grooming with haircuts or trims during the hotter months.