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Puppy Sales Contract

Sire:_____________________ Dam:______________________ DOB:________________ 

Buyer's Agreement:

1.  Buyers agree to maintain this dog in good health and provide routine preventative health care including, but not limited to vaccinations, parasite elimination and preventative medication.

2. Buyers agree to provide obedience training (at least one puppy class).  Buyers will provide a safe living environment  and a healthy diet.

3.  This puppy is sold for the purpose of being a pet and/or service or therapy dog and is not sold for breeding purposes.

4.  If payment is made by check and if the check does not clear, the the buyer will relinquish all rights to the animal without the need of any legal ramifications from the Seller.

5.  The breeder does not authorize, or assume responsibility for, any medical treatment and/or veterinary bills incurred by the Buyer.  All testing and examinations are the responsibility of the Buyer.

6.  I acknowledge that I have read and understand the attached One Year Health Warranty.

Under State Law, you have the right to inspect the official health certificate containing a description and medical history of any dog offered for transfer and to have a copy of such certificate for any animal you may obtain.

Under State Law, within 14 days of transfer, you  may have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice.  Unless such exam indicates that the animal is free of disease, you may obtain a substitution of a similar animal of equal value, or at your option, a full refund of any money exchanged at transfer, but only if within 2 business days of such examination, you return the diseased animal to the Breeder along with a written statement from the veterinarian that the animal was not free from disease.

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