Bittersweet Goldendoodles

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Sassy and Louie's F-1 litter was born April 8, 2021!  They have a beautiful litter of puppies, in varying shades of cream to apricot.  These puppies are all allocated to folks on our Waitlist.  



We are very sad to report that Pepper and Paprika's mating did not result in a viable pregnancy.  If you are waiting for a black puppy, we will try mating them again this fall.



Charlotte and Louie's F1-B liter was born on April 8, 2021.  They have a very nice litter in shades from cream to apricot.  These puppies are allocated to families on the Waitlist. 

They are growing by the day!!

**************************************************************************************************************************Unfortunately, Chuckles had only one live puppy born :(( .  She has one adorable cream male F1-B puppy that was born 4-14-21 .  Mother Nature has been a bit cruel this spring! 


Dancer and Louie's F1-B Litter was born April 15, 2021.  They are adorable little tykes!  Pictures will be posted soon!  These puppies will be allocated to folks on the Waitlist.