Bittersweet Doodles

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This is Sassy Black Jack! 

He is quite the character.  He is outgoing, smart, curious and confident.  He loves to explore and shows no signs of stress in new situations. He loves engaging with people.  The more attention, the better!  

This big fella was born on January 11, 2023 to Sassafras and Louie.  He has a gorgeous thick fluffy, wavy coat that is a medium rich apricot in color.  His expected size when mature is 55-65 lbs. 

He shows enthusiasm in his training and loves to be praised when he does something right.  He is good with handling and restraint.  He tolerates nail trimming well, has been bathed, but wasn't too fond of that noisy hair dryer!  (normal for his age).

This puppy will be an asset to your family whether as a family pet or as a service dog candidate!

Please call to set up a time to meet him.  He is ready to go home anytime.