Bittersweet Doodles

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Meet Sassy Gray Hawk! 

He is a bubbly, happy, social and very playful boy and oh so very handsome!   He is a warm shade of apricot with white on h is chest and the top of his head.  He is quite the fancy little man.  

He will steal your heart for sure.  He has moderate energy, is very content to explore and play on his own, but prefers to be with or around people.  He gets along well with other puppies and dogs and shows no signs of possessiveness with his toys.  

He has good focus, and problem-solving ability at above average levels for his age and stage of development.  He also has good motivation for food and toys and interaction.

Gray Hawk will be an exceptional family pet, but has excellent potential for therapy work or as a service dog. 

Call to set up a time to meet your next best friend!  Fee:  $1500