Bittersweet Doodles

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Meet Sassy Violet! 

She lives up to her name!  She is sassy, fun, yet extremely loving.  Her personality is to die for.  She wants to be with you, doing whatever it is you are doing as much as you will allow her!  

She was born January 11, 2023 to Sassafras and Louie.  Her estimated weight at maturity is 45-55 lbs.  She is a warm shade of light apricot with a wavy fluffy coat with more curls on her ears. 

She strives to please!  Willing and smart, she is picking up her training quickly.  She is very social with other puppies and dogs and with her interactions with people.  

She will let you know when she needs something or wants your attention, but otherwise is not generally vocal. She has mid to moderate energy, is very personable, affectionate, eager and engaging.  She will make a super family pet.   You will be truly blessed if you get this little gal.

Call to set up a time to meet her.   Fee:  $1500