Bittersweet Goldendoodles

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  • How big do your Goldendoodles get to be when mature?    Our Goldendoodles average 60 lbs.  Males tend to be a bit bigger as a general rule,  
     but not always.

  • Do you breed medium size Goldendoodles?   We no longer breed the medium size Goldendoodles.

  • Do you breed mini Goldendoodles?  No, we only breed the full size.

  • What colors do you usually have in your litters?    Colors range from cream, apricot, dark apricot, red and black.

  • What is the main difference in temperament in a male and a female?  We don't find a huge difference, so you as you have your dog      

     spayed/neutered at an early age (six months is recommended by our veterinarian).  It seems to be more of a personal preference.