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Frequently Asked Questions

How big do your Goldendoodles get to be when mature?    Our  Goldendoodles can range from 40-75 lbs, with the average being 60 lbs. and are 17-24" tall   

Are males larger than females?  Yes, most of the time, but not always. 


What is the main difference in temperament in a male and a female?  We don't find a huge difference, so you as you have your dog spayed/neutered at an early age (six months is recommended by our veterinarian).  It seems to be more of a personal preference.

Do you breed mini doodles?  No.

What colors do you usually have in your litters?    Colors range from cream, apricot, dark apricot, red, black and occasional parti-colors (spotted).

What if I can't pick up my puppy on the exact day he is ready to go home?  Puppies are expected to go home when they turn 8 weeks.  If you have a trip or vacation planned, we suggest you have a family member care for your puppy or wait to choose a puppy from a future litter .  It is not a good idea to board your puppy at such a young age (at least until he has received all his vaccinations).  If you absolutely have no one to watch your puppy, we can hold your puppy for you at a fee of $150.00 per week (or part of a week).  Please keep in mind that the puppies are at the perfect age for bonding with their family so they are much better home with you if at all possible.

Are puppy deposits refundable?  If you put a deposit down to reserve a puppy, we sincerely hope that you have put lots of thought into your decision and follow through with the adoption.  Once we reserve a puppy for you, he/she is no longer offered to anyone else.  If you cancel at the last minute, your puppy has missed a chance to go to another family who is very excited about getting a puppy.  So please understand why we don't refund deposits.

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