Bittersweet Goldendoodles

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As you can see in our pictures below taken 4/22/19, our coats are beginning to grow in!  We're beginning to look like the Goldendoodles we are! We are starting to play with toys now too... we're really growing up!  We are four weeks old now. 

   Pictures below taken 4-17-19     

 3 wks. old We're having fun learning to eat on our own... anyone have a few bibs ?? 


The video below is all about learning to eat our baby food (Pureed puppy food mixed)  4-17-19

Four pictures below taken at two weeks of age!  Eyes are open.

Happy and Paprika's litter arrived on March 24, 2019.  There are 8 puppies in the litter, 4 females and 4 males.