Bittersweet Goldendoodles

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All of our dogs reside in our home.  They do however, love to go outside to play with their buddies for at least a few hours a day.  We are fortunate enough to have 100 acres here on the farm where we can go out for hikes with our dogs!  At night, the dogs reside either with their puppies, with us in our bedroom, on the couch or rug,  or in their crates.  They have many options... our home is for the comfort of our dogs!  If you want to see pictures of our parent dogs, please use drag down tab under the Kennels/Dog tabs to get to the Parent Dog page.  Nothing is spared when it comes to our dogs.  If they need something, they get it!  

We have just finished refurbishing our indoor kennels including new paint on both the walls and floor.  Everything looks so nice and bright and easy to clean.  We are currently in the process of redoing our outdoor run with the old gravel being removed and replaced with nice clean sand and gravel for the cleanliness of the surfaces for the dogs.  The run is being enlarged, giving them more room to exercise and play. We have installed a new system for sanitizing the outdoor kennels daily using the environmentally friendly Wysi-Wash system to kill any bacteria in the kennels.  

Our indoor kennels are cleaned daily with animal-friendly disinfectants.