Bittersweet Goldendoodles

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Please Note Changes in our Puppy Choosing Procedures due to COVID 19 

Due to COVID-19 concerns, we have changed our method for choosing puppies.  Rather than having you come to choose your puppy at six weeks of age, and then returning a few weeks later to pick up your puppy, we have decided to combine choosing and pick up days.  This will limit everyone's exposure and keep us all safer and healthier.

We will set up a designated date and schedule a time slot for each family soon after the puppies are born,  giving you adequate time to adjust your schedules accordingly.  Your appointment will be scheduled in the order that your puppy  applications have been received.  They are half-hour spots.  The appointments are short, we know, but the day becomes really long for the puppies and they tire easily at this age.  The health of the puppies is always our number one concern!  A half-hour appointment seems to work well and you will be  able to make your decision in that time frame and sign the necessary forms.  

If you cannot make it to your scheduled visit, we can set an appointment for a later day, realizing that you may forfeit your place in line in the order of choosing.  We hope this does not inconvenience anyone.  We just all need to do our due diligence with this horrible virus!