Bittersweet Goldendoodles

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  • The wait time varies depending on litter size, etc., but the average wait for a puppy is about 6-7 months. We are a small operation and focus on quality, not quantity!!  We appreciate your patience.  If we notify you that we have a puppy for you and you are not ready for a puppy at that time, you may choose to roll your deposit over to a future litter.  If you roll over your deposit, your balance due will be at the current puppy price in effect at the time that you choose your puppy. 
  • If you withdraw your name from the Waitlist for any reason, but already have your deposit sent in, you may choose to be reinstated to the Waitlist at any time, but will be added to the list in the order of the date you notify us that you wish to be reinstated.  To be fair to everyone else, we cannot add you to the top of the list. 
  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Puppy Wait List

Emily Kearns

Maureen O'Neil.

Shana Greene

Karen Vital.

Adam Shapiro

Jenna and Justin Beit

Danielle Stevens

Jon & Heather Taluba

Lesley Arcidy

Lisa Brochu

Ana Diaz.

James & Christy Herkel

Bobby Boisvert

Colleen Haehnel

Jenna Rizzo

Megan Rebello

Justin Cross

Michela & Neal Van Patten

Heather Forte

Richard & Linda Tsantoulis

Carol Sargent

Patrick & Kaitlin Swett

Steve Brown

Katherine Harbaugh

Andrea Bendiburg

Diana McVeagh

Sara Martin

Stella Pion

Jane Langer

Charlie & Callie Smith

Sean & Johann Mooney

Katherine Campbell & Justin Davis

Lynn Garfinkel

Will Case

Mitesh Rajani

Melissa Dunn

Carolyn Rucci

Kris and Jonathan Fitch

This list is current and up to date as of January 1, 2021.   We will update the List for the upcoming litters which we hope will be arriving in January and February.  We will post more information about the winter litters as we know more details.  We can only go as fast as Mother Nature allows.  We realize you are all very anxious!  We are also very anxious to be able to contact you with your next best friend!     Thank you for your patience and understanding!