Bittersweet Goldendoodles

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  • The wait time varies depending on litter size, etc., but the current wait for a puppy is about 2-3 months. We are a small operation and focus on quality, not quantity!!  We appreciate your patience.  If we notify you that we have a puppy for you and you are not ready for a puppy at that time, you may choose to roll your deposit over to a future litter. If you roll your deposit over more than once, you forfeit your place in line and will be placed at the end of the Waitlist in an effort to be fair to all.   If you roll over your deposit, your balance due will be at the current puppy price in effect at the time that you choose your puppy.
  • If you withdraw your name from the Waitlist for any reason, but already have your deposit sent in, you may choose to be reinstated to the Waitlist at any time, but will be added to the list in the order of the date you notify us that you wish to be reinstated.  To be fair to everyone else, we cannot add you to the top of the list. 
  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

                               Puppy Wait List                                   

PLEASE NOTE:  We will no longer be posting our Puppy Waitlist publicly here on our website due to some complaints from folks waiting for a puppy not wanting their names publicly displayed on the internet.  Nothing has changed!  We will simply continue with our Master Waitlist that we keep here at the farm and notify you when we have a litter available.

We realize you are all very anxious!  We are also very anxious to be able to contact you with your next best friend!     Thank you for your patience and understanding!