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Goose (Mr. Green) is a very handsome honey apricot F1-B boy who was born May10th and will be ready to go home on July 5th.  Goose should mature between 45 - 50 lbs. most likely. 


You can't ask for much more in a doodle puppy!  Goose is not only cute, but very outgoing, smart as a whip and loves everyone.  He plays well with his littermates, shares toys willingly and shows no signs of an alpha personality whatsoever. Goose has the most luxurious fluffy wavy coat.  He is comfortable and tolerant with restraint and handling.  He shows no signs of possessiveness.  He is brave and explores on his own without hesitation. 


Goose will make a wonderful addition to your home and yest, you are welcome to change his name!

Fee: $1500



"Reggie" (Mr. Red Dot) is an apricot  F1-B boy with white on his head and chest,  who is confident and self-assured.  He should mature in the 45-50 lb. range most likely.  Born 5/10, he is ready to go home 7/5/24.


Reggie shows little to no stress in new situations, around new people, or in circumstances that are typically considered stressful.  He reacts appropriately to new sites and sounds, including those considered startling. He has good memory, focus and problem-solving abilities.  He is good at sharing his toys and shows no signs of possessiveness.  He is comfortable and tolerant of restraint and handling.  He has moderate energy.   Reggie is waiting to be your next best friend!

FEE:  $1500


Have you ever dreamt of cuddling with a living teddy bear?  "Yabu" (Miss Yellow) is just that -- a magnificent doodle gal with a coat so plush, you'd think she just jumped out of a fairytale!  Her black nose and captivating eyes are the stuff dreams are made of. 


Yabu is not just a vision, but shows a calm and sensible attitude.  She will be ready to bring endless joy to your home when she turns 8 weeks on 7/5/24.  She was born 5/10/24 and should mature in the 45-50 lb. range.  She is rambunctious, but loves cuddle time.    Is she waiting for YOU?

FEE: $1500

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