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One Year Warranty

Truly Top-Notch

Bittersweet Farm guarantees at the time of delivery that your puppy is in good health. Prior to departure, all Bittersweet puppies are examined by our veterinarian and will receive a state Certified Health Certificate signed by our veterinarian. All puppies are dewormed several times, receive appropriate vaccines.  A fecal test is performed on each litter, proper deworming protocol and a full body exam (ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, heart, etc.). Your puppy folder has the puppy's state Certified Health Certificate and Vaccine record to take to your veterinarian.


1. All puppies are examined by a licensed Veterinarian and given a clean bill of health before they leave our home. To the best of the Breeder and Veterinarian's knowledge, the puppy has no known diseases or illnesses. This puppy is guaranteed to be free of untreatable health conditions. In order for this guarantee to be valid, the buyer must take the puppy to a Licensed Veterinarian of their choice for the puppy's well check-up within 14 days of delivery. If puppy is found to have a disease that is untreatable or found to have a hereditary disease, a letter from the Licensed Veterinarian stating the problem must be presented to the seller with 24 hours of the veterinary examination. In this case, the puppy will be returned to the Breeder and a replacement puppy will be given to the Buyer and therefore ending this contract entirely. Veterinary and Medical care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Buyer. 

2. The Sire and Dam of this puppy have been examined by a licensed veterinarian and cleared of any known defects. The best possible care has been taken to breed the healthiest dogs possible. Many of our dogs are Champion sired. We are constantly researching pedigrees and striving to only breed the best. In the event that your dog should have a genetic defect, we do offer a warranty. Bittersweet offers a one-year warranty on any puppy with clinical signs of Hip Dysplasia or Elbow Dysplasia. A copy of the X-Ray and a report from your veterinarian must be furnished to Bittersweet's Veterinarian. The puppy is also warrantied until the age of one year for Genetic Defects of the Heart and Eyes. If there is a Heart Defect, the diagnosis must be confirmed by a letter to Breeder or Breeder's Veterinarian from a Board-Certified Cardiologist stating that in his/her opinion this condition is congenital. If there is an Eye Defect, the diagnosis must be confirmed by a letter to Breeder or Breeder's Veterinarian from a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist stating that in his/her opinion this condition is congenital. In the rare event of a confirmed Genetic Defect before the puppy is a year old, as listed above, the Buyer can return the dog to the Breeder for a replacement Puppy. Transportation, Veterinary and Medical care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Buyer.  

3. Breeder reserves the right to have the puppy/dog examined by our veterinarian before issuing a refund.

4. Breeder has provided Buyer with information regarding the potential risks of Vaccinations, Dog Food, Pesticides, Aerosols, Fungus's, etc. All are Environmental triggers to avoid with your puppy. Because of these unknown environmental exposures, Breeder cannot be responsible for Sarcomas, Tumors, Auto-immune Disorders, Thyroid Disease, Stomach issues, Allergies and Seizures. Vaccine related Allergy and Seizure issues that result in itching or seizures can occur up to two months after administered vaccine. Breeder cannot be held liable for any of these conditions as they can be caused by unknown environmental triggers out of the Breeder's control. 

5. Buyer agrees to not allow Veterinarian to administer any vaccine if the puppy/dog's system is under duress from other physical health issues including but not limited to; parasites in the intestinal system, injury or illness. 

6. Buyer agrees the puppy is not being purchased for resale, will never be sold to a pet shop or puppy mill, and will never be used for scientific research. 

7. Buyer agrees to keep puppy on Purina Pro Plan or feed a high-quality food. A balanced home cooked meal or raw diet is also acceptable. 

8. Bittersweet puppies are sold on a non-Breeding contract. Buyer agrees to spay or neuter this dog by one year of age unless other arrangements have been made with the Breeder.  Upon completion of our application and execution of this contract, Buyer agrees this dog is being sold as a Pet and will never be used for breeding. Failure to follow through with the spay/neuter will terminate your Health Warranty. 

9. Buyer will provide adequate housing for the dog away from the elements. The dog will be kept primarily inside with the family and will receive hours of attention every day. Goldendoodles are very social animals and thrive on the love and attention of their owners. A puppy left alone for long periods of time could develop bad habits out of boredom and loneliness. This puppy will not be left outside for longer than an hour at a time when temperatures are over 80 degrees unless puppy is with people and they are making adequate arrangements to keep the dog cool. If all adults in Buyer's family are away from home during the day, someone will take care of this puppy during the day in a manner besides leaving puppy alone in a crate or leaving puppy outside when it is hot.

10. Buyer will never leave the dog tied to a tree or anything else. Tying a dog up like this causes all kinds of behavioral problems and not to mention it's cruel. 

11. Buyer will use the prefix Bittersweet at the beginning of the puppy's official name if competing with AKC for agility or obedience titles.

12. Buyer agrees if Renting or Leasing their home, permission has been given from the Landlord or Owner for the puppy to live in the home.

13. Buyer will provide the puppy with a fenced in or safe area and will not let the puppy roam free outside unattended. We highly recommend a real fence over an invisible fence. The following are requirements for puppies that go where there is only invisible fencing available. The puppy will not be trained to an invisible fence prior to 4 months (preferably 6 months) of age. Until the puppy is fully trained, puppy will not be allowed outside unless someone is outside supervising. For the life of the dog, the puppy/dog cannot be left outside in an area with only an invisible fence unless someone is home supervising from the house. When everyone in the family is gone, the puppy must either be left in an area with a real fence, left inside the home, or taken with the family. We do not feel an electric fence is safe enough containment to be used without supervision. We have heard of many dogs running through them, a few even being killed chasing cars and after people. Plus, it doesn't stop people from coming in your yard and taking your dog.

14. Buyer will make sure puppy/adult dog receives monthly heartworm preventative and flea control at least every 45 days during the warmer months OR will have dog checked for heartworms every year. If Buyer lives in a state that does not need this preventative care, yearly checkups are still required. 

15. Buyer understands the Vaccination protocol and will make sure puppy receives all the core Vaccines on schedule followed by yearly checkups for life.

16. Buyer understands that Golden Retrievers are prone to Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. It is said that 80% of Golden Retrievers have or will have Hip Dysplasia in their lifetime. It's not a death sentence, but we never want any of our puppies to be in pain. Bittersweet has done its due diligence in providing this puppy a good genetic chance of not acquiring Hip or Elbow Dysplasia. Buyer also understands that there is a huge environmental component to the development of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. Buyer understands to avoid injury or stress-trauma occurring to this puppy's bones and joints, prior to reaching one and a half (18 months) years of age (preferably 2 years), this dog should not go faster on a leash than to break a trot. Puppy will not be put on a treadmill, go up and down more than half a flight of stairs (over 8 steps), play rough with older dogs or children, stand on his/her back legs for extended periods of time, play wild tennis ball games with chasing and retrieving (especially on slippery floors or wet grass and with balls thrown further than 15-20 feet), jump up and down from furniture (a puppy can easily be trained that he/she is allowed on furniture only when he/she is invited by you and then you should help him or her up), or chase Frisbees. Failure to comply will nullify the guarantee on hips and elbows. Puppies need exercise, but excessive wild exercising is not only hard on the joints, it creates a hyper dog. The best exercise for a growing puppy is swimming and walking. Once a dog has reached maturity, Jogging, Frisbee and Ball chasing are good exercise.

17. Buyer agrees to maintain the puppy at a good healthy weight. This warranty will be terminated should the dog be allowed to become overweight or developing joints be over stressed at any point during the first two years. Consult your veterinarian with any questions.


We cannot guarantee our puppies against illness or opportunistic parasites brought on by stress such as moving (from our house to yours). We also can't guarantee that our puppies will be "worm-free", as this is an ongoing process. However, these are easily and economically treated and should be discussed with your veterinarian at your first visit. We are not responsible if a puppy contracts a communicable disease or infection after leaving our possession. Also, this Health Guarantee does not include improper bites, hernias, any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals or physical injury.  We cannot guarantee the exact size that your puppy will be or the coat type.  The size and coat are variables that are out of our control. 

Free 30 Days of TRUPANION INSURANCE comes with every puppy - Must be activated by puppy owner within 24 hrs.

All of our puppies go home with a Trupanion Application that must be activated within 24 hour after puppy is received or picked up. There is no activation fee or credit card needed to activate the 30 days of free coverage. Clients that do not take advantage of this must sign a waiver declining this free service. We do not benefit from this company in any way. This is a great way to protect your puppy during the first 30 days of transition. 

Reimbursement up to 90% above and beyond the $250 deductible covers any illnesses not preexisting included giardia, cocccidia, worms etc. As long as our Health Certificate states pup is clear of all illnesses, Trupanion will cover 90% after $250 deductible. Trupanion does not cover preventative and well care. Operates just like human insurance. 


Bittersweet guarantees at the time of delivery, this puppy is in good health. All Bittersweet puppies are checked by our veterinarian prior to their departure. They are regularly de-wormed and receive State Certified Health Certificates and appropriate shots prior to departure. This includes a fecal test on each litter, proper de-worming protocol and a full body exam (ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, heart, etc.) Your puppy folder has the puppy's Health Certificate and Vaccine record to take to your veterinarian. Under no circumstances shall the Seller be liable to the Buyer or to any third party for any consequential, incidental or special damages resulting from or in a manner related to the puppy or dog. Upon execution of this contract all Veterinary and Medical care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Buyer. Boot camp fees are non-refundable.

Both Buyer and Seller/Breeder agree that this Contract represents the entire Agreement between them and that no other representations have been made regarding the puppy described above. This contractual agreement is made, executed, and will remain in the jurisdiction of the state of New Hampshire.

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