Bittersweet Goldendoodles

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We are a small operation and focus on quality, not quantity!!  We appreciate your patience.   The wait time varies depending on successful matings, litter sizes, gender, colors, etc. However, the past year has been tough on many families with the economy and crazy inflation.  We currently have puppies available that will be ready to go home in the spring.  This is unusual for us, but great for you.  Call for availability!

If we notify you that we have a puppy for you and you are not ready for a puppy at that time, you may choose to roll your deposit over to a future litter. If you roll your deposit over more than once, you forfeit your place in line and will be placed at the end of the Waitlist in an effort to be fair to all.   If you roll over your deposit, your balance due will be at the current puppy price in effect at the time that you choose your puppy.  Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

If you agree to reserve a puppy when we contact you with availability, we ask that you be sure you will be able to take the puppy home on the specified date.  Once we reserve a puppy for you, we turn down other possible homes for the puppy.  Last minute cancelations are very difficult for both the puppy and for us. We simply ask that you please be considerate when making your decision.