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Why Choose Us?

Reputation for Excellence

  • We have dedicated more than two decades of our lives to learning as much as possible about the Goldendoodle breed doing research and hands on experience.

  •   We can share years of stories from families from all walks of life, telling their experiences in how their service or therapy companion has impacted their worlds!

Breeder Standard:

  •  As breeders, we are dedicated to raising and training the best Goldendoodles possible.  

  • We hold ourselves to a high standard, therefore, we hold our adoptive families to the same standard.  

  • We screen clients in order to find the perfect families for our puppies.  We invest so much into the lives of our puppies from well before they were born until the time they go to their forever families.  We will only allow our puppies to go to loving families that are committed to their puppy for their lifetime.

Our Parent Dogs:

  • Our parent dogs come from some of the nicest breeding lines in America.  

  • Bittersweet Goldendoodles have a very distinctive look and can be easily recognized by their beautiful blocky heads and outstanding overall beauty.  

  • Aside from being exceptionally beautiful, our parent dogs have had complete genetic testing to ensure that our puppies have a lower incidence of health issues. 

  • All of our parent dogs and puppies begin their lives here at Bittersweet as pets that are loved and socialized from birth.  All parent dogs reside here at Bittersweet with us at all times.  We don't use any surrogate homes.  Our dogs are our full-fledged family members! 

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